Thursday, October 27, 2005

Knitbloggers' Vacation Anyone ?

I'm off to DC for a fun-filled weekend with my sister,cousins, and best friend. If you hear news reports about chaos and destruction in DC, that just us reeking havoc on the town. It's going to be fun.

Before I go I thought I'd share an idea with you. I usually plan my big vacations a year in advance so I can set my calendar and start saving my money. I plan on doing the Maryland Sheep & Wool as a weekend trip but I also thought about taking a trip to a city, maybe NYC, that has a lot of good fabric and yarn shops just to do a lot of good shopping. Then I got to thinking about who I would invite. So I thought, I've met all these great people since I started blogging but I've actually never met any of the them (with the exception of Nik) and how nice it would be if we could all get together in one place so that all of us could meet.

Here's the idea. I am thinking of organizing a trip for next summer to a centrally located city where all of us could get some hotel rooms, lay around the pool or on a beach, go to a good restuarant or two, knit, swap some yarn, and visit a few local knit shops. I want it to be a real leisurely vacation so I wouldn't want to center it around a sheep& wool festival or a stitches east/west thingie. Nor do I really want to try and take workshops or have people/companies trying to force their products on me. More of a girl's weekend, but instead a knitter's weekend, since boys are invited too.

What do you think? Do you think people would come? If so, where should it be? California, New York City,Atlanta, Chicago,The Carolinas, Florida? Spread the word and ask your knittie/craftie/sewy/bloggy friends to leave a comment. If enough people are interested then I think I'll do it.