Friday, November 11, 2005

A girl and her shoes

Have you seen the Interweave Winter preview. Before you run over there let me give you a tip. At first glance you may not like much of what you see but I figured out why. It's the "homely" photography.

Case in Point #1 ..the Aran Pullover by Kristin Nicholas. Nice sweater but the choice of stanch or that horrible belt do not make the sweater look exciting or sexy. Case in Point #2... I have never seen the Red Head girl look as pretty as she does in the picture for the Cabled Bandeau by VĂ©ronik Avery. This means all the other pictures of her have just sucked at capturing her prettiness and the prettiness of the knits she wears. The picture of her in the Windowpane Jacket by Debbie Bliss makes her look like the stereotypical unfashionable mom with that unfortunate neck scarf. I'm sure the jacket is nice but I can't tell by the picture.

So my advice, try to see past the bad photography.It's definitely not Top Model quality. And to Interweave ...It's the pictures on that!

But moving on to the one thing I like most.

When I was with my cousins in DC, they mentioned seeing someone wearing knitted boots. I scoffed at the thought but now that I've seen them....I want them.
I'm a little apprehensive about the Interweave version because they are felted and I've never felted anything. I think instead I'll go for these.

I saw the pattern for the Blue Sky Alpaca knit boots over at kpixie . I really like these better. It will cost close to $60 to make them and that doesn't sound that bad. I think these will be my Christmas present to myself. Yeah right, I like I really need a reason to by some more yarn.