Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Knits

I'm back. The Masquerade Ball was a lot of fun and there were a lot of well dressed people there. Once again I forgot my camera so I didn't get an event-worthy photo of my outfit. My friend had her camera but there weren't any really good shots of me. So here, in a very rare event, I'm going to show a picture that I took in the mirror after I came home. I say rare because this is probably the first time I will show my face.

You would think I'm running from the law or something but in truth I just hate taking pictures. As is the case, I'm not smiling in this one because it 3:30am and I was trying to not pass out from the pain of almost crushing my little toe in the cutest pair of shoes. I also forgot the mask in the car but I figure I can at least show the dress I made. I mean, this blog is about my fashion design and knitting, is it not?

I finished one sleeve for the Lacey Sweater. I haven't been too amped to finish this thing. Having to constantly look at a chart is a little annoying. After a while I can memorize what I need to do next but it's still not that much fun. Call me weird, but I like plain old stockinette and the occasional cable. Lace is pretty but not the most fast knitting you can do. The idea of knitting one of those lace shawl is making my head hurt just thinking about it.

I've had this big ol' list of items that I wanted to make and every week I'm rearranging the order. I'm at this point where I'm tired of making other people's designs. Making clothes is my creative outlet and you can't be too creative making other people's stuff. So now, at the top of my list are the few items that I've been wanting to design. I've worked on two things this week, which is why I have been a bad blogger. One I can't show because I'm going to submit it, but the other I can...

Ever since Sahara pointed to the Cocoachic site I've had this extreme desire to make something brown and pink. I love the color combo. I've had it on my to-do list to make a cute sweater vest so I'm designing one using the Aurora 4 I got from StitchDC. I like the fabric that this yarn makes and may add it to my list of favorites. Wendy has raved about it and I can see what she's talking about. It's good stuff.