Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Show

Ahhh...the holidays! So festive and exciting. I hope your Thanksgiving was nice. Despite the mad fury of cleaning and cooking, everything was nice.

I've done a little shopping in Mamacita's Super Store but I'll wait until tomorrow to show you my "purchases". There is still a little bargaining going on for a few other items.

Every year Mamacita enters a craft show. It just so happens that this year I was in town for it. The bad thing was that Mamacita forgot to mention it so I hadn't made anything for her to sell this year. So, upon my arrival Tuesday, I walked to the yarn shop around the corner,bought some yarn and got to work. I came up with this nifty little ditty I called "The cold shoulder" which was made out of two skeins of Berocco Soft Twist Bulky.... well as a few neckwarmers.
(Bill, the reluctant model, is also wearing the Rebecca cropped sweater I made her.)

These a few of the things Mamacita made.

There were macaroni angels, jewelry, cookie mix jars, and etched glassware. She's in a stained glass phase right now. Do you see her butterflies? Aren't they cute?

Today is Bill's birthday, so I can now show you the secret project I was working on last week. I never mentioned it just in case she was reading. It's the Beth sweater she hinted at. She likes it.

We also saw "In the Mix" and "Rent". Both were good movies. You should check them out.