Monday, December 12, 2005

Not Gonna Happen

Remember that men's sweater I mentioned a few days ago....well, it ain't happenin. This debacle cements the fact that I am not a fan of top-down knitting. It may seem like a fast option but I don't like the concept of clothing made all in one piece. I envision ill-fitting improperly shaped garments and this time my vision was a reality. Due to 4 or 5 extra rows, (yeah, I free formed it and didn't follow exact bad), the sweater was an extra large and the armholes turned out to be XXXL. I'm so put-off by the whole thing that I'm just scraping the project.

Instead I'm going to contribute a few men's hats to the charity event. The pattern is the first I ever designed. It's just a simple hat that is knit flat and seamed.

Other things that ain't happening

Thing 1

The felted boots from the new Interweave . The first picture is deceptively attractive.

But the second, looks like big muppet feet. Look closely. The shoes don't even match. I already have big feet. There is NO WAY I'm going to accent them with felted clown shoes.

Thing 2

Anything modeled by the scary haired model...ain't gonna happen. The unkempt look is not a good selling point and will deter me from making anything she has on. All I'll remember is that hair.

Thing 3

Anything modeled by the droopy breasted model. If there is any danger of "the girls" looking like that in a top... it's not gonna happen. And a note to Interweave Knits...this isn't high fashion runway. This is everyday people knitting. Bras shouldn't be optional.

And just for fun, I thought I'd throw in this pic from p.82...

What does this look like to you?