Friday, December 09, 2005

Friendly Tip Friday.

It's been a while since my last FTFEL,so here are a few inspired by all of my TV watching and other things.

Friendly Tip #10

Just because you deserve to win and should win doesn't mean you will. There is this little thing we like to call "politics".

But don't worry because......

Friendly Tip #11

Sometimes the actual winning is in losing.

This was the week for season finales for ANTM and Making The Band 3 . In both shows people won that clearly did not deserve to win based on their performance but based on politics. And in most cases this would upset people BUT you have to see the bright side. Winning means being stuck in some horribly cheesey reality show contract where their careers will fester and die. If you're into hip-hop then you know that signing a contract with the infamous P. Diddy is like the Godfather's kiss of death on your career. For ANTM, the past losers have had better careers than the winners.

Friendly Tip #12

Always take something to do with you, be it book, knitting, crossword puzzle, etc. It will come in handy in the least likely situations.

As we go into this busy winter season, I often think back to the WORST experience I had this year...heck..probably in my life. On a Wednesday in January, the plan was to go to work, run home, pick up my knitting, and go to a knitting meetup. Never mind that forecast for a 1/2 inch of snow. I lived in Minnesota for almost 3 years...a 1/2 inch ain't nothin. HA! How about that measly 1/2 inch brought a whole city to it's knees. I'm talking standstill traffic on EVERY street and highway, children stuck in their schools until the next day, and cars abandoned in the middles of streets. It turned my normal 20 minute drive into 8 hours of misery. And the worst part, I left all my knitting and reading at home.

So in conclusion, what have we learned today?
1.Losing is the new winning.
2. Always take something with you. Even when you don't think you'll need it, you just might.