Sunday, January 22, 2006

My sock truth

On the eve of the sockapaloooza sign-ups, I have come to a realization about me and sock knitting. I only like to make plain socks. No lace, no overall ribbing,no nothing. For me socks are my busy work. Something to do when I really don't have time to invest in a large project. Something to carry in my purse in case of long boring wait at the doctor's office. I like socks but not enough to slave through a repeating pattern on size 2 needles. So to all the people that do intricate sock patterns....I salute you but it won't be me.

I started some footies in Claudia Handpainted Yarn. It looks similar to Koigu but feels so much better. Footies are my favorite type of sock and this is great as a knitter because that means I only need one skein of yarn to make them.

I'm in a mood to finish some things before the start of the Knitting Olympics so I finished "My So-Called Scarf" today.

I'm also finishing the Lacy Sweater that's been sitting around for awhile. I only have a sleeve to finish so that should be done soon.

And making her debut is my "diamonique" top. I wore it to the "Fine Wines and Rhymes" event a friend held at his house. He hosted about 35-50 people for a wine tasting and poetry reading. It was nice although people didn't get as dressy as I thought they should have. Never the less, I looked nice and received a few complements. I wore the top with a black matte jersey skirt and knee-high stilleto boots.

I may post this pattern but if I do, it will definitely be for a price. This little bugger was hard work.