Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Spy

The Interweave Knits preview is up and I spy photographic improvements. Yes that's right people, I spy the usage of the proper undergarments.

Thank you IK. Pretty photography makes me happy! My faith in you is restored.

I Spy .... A Challenge

Stephanie has thrown down the gauntlet and started the 2006 Knitting Olympics to coincide with the Winter Olympics.

Did you know that Dale of Norway designs the official team sweater for the US Ski Team and you can buy the pattern? I didn't. Here is a pic . But I digress....

The point is to pick a personally challenging project and start on the first day of the Olympics, Feb 10, and finish by the end of the games, Feb 26.

I've decided to be on Knitting Team USA and I will be working on the Martha Cardigan from Rowan 37. This will be challenge because it will be my first cardigan, it has a button band (my first), and it's knit on US 3 needles.

Are you up for the challenge?