Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Now that I've counted the stash it's time to move on to some new projects. I feel the need to make a dent in my supply. My girl f.pea has requested that I show how I make needlecases, so this weekend I will make one and devise a photo tutorial for everyone.

I've started my fair isle sweater. I had to restart because I didn't like how the pattern looked. I'll show some pics on that after I work some more of it.

As for the latest, Sunday I started some caps for my aunt. She's undergoing chemo and I want to surprise her with a few. I finished the last one tonight and they are currently blocking in my "blocking" room aka the guest bathroom.

I used the following yarns: kool-aid dyed Patons Merino (rusty red), Jo-Anns Stellina (red), Tahki Como (black), and Misti Alpaca Cotton (purple). I tried hard to find yarns that I thought were soft and that wouldn't get too hot so she can keep them on all day if need be. I couldn't completely stay aware from wool but I tried my best.