Thursday, February 23, 2006

In The News

First let me say that I love the ladies that come out to SnB knit nites. I just realized last night how much REAL unadulterated fun I have when I'm around them. We talk about some of the most interesting and off-beat things. Last night, Jo Ellen and I had an interesting conversation about the fashion stylings of Lacrosse and Field Hockey uniforms. She plays lacrosse and I used to play field hockey.

Last night I also had the pleasure of meeting Marcy Rice, who is the writer of the Notions column for the local newspaper. She said that she was blogging about the Knitting Olympics but it took me a second to realize that she was going to put things I said in her blog and possibly in her column on Saturday. I was a little worried about people at work realizing that I have a social life that doesn't involve reading technical papers but I'm over it now. (Hello. My name is Saun and I'm addicted to yarn.) Marci also has this alter-ego doll that looks just like her and puts in all her pictures. It's really cute. Take a look. She even got me to pose for a picture.

I'm still working on the last sleeve but I don't have a picture up yet.

I also have a new addition for the "Free Pattern" section but I'll save that debut for tomorrow.