Monday, March 20, 2006

Treat & Toes

This weekend was all about the treats & toes. I'm sure that sounds like a funky combination, but trust me it's not.

First let me talk about this Rachel Ray chick for a sec. A lot of times I find it hard to watch her because she's always so damn happy and she admittedly talks a lot. For anyone to be that happy there have got be some good pills involved. And while she may be a little too chipper for me at times, I must admit the girl can cook. I'm not the one for buying magazines, but when I saw her magazine at Bed,Bath, & Beyond, I felt compelled to buy it.

Inside I saw this lovely and simple recipe for a Raspberry Torte.

It's was just tempting me looking all good and red and what not. How could I resist? It doesn't help that I justified making it by saying that technically I would be crafting something red for Project Spectrum.

So here is my torte. I added some blueberry/blackberries to mix it up a bit. It sure is tasty.

As for the toes, while the torte was baking I finished my sock.

Isn't it purty?

And take a look at this.... of my readers, Karen, sent me a picture of her first sock. I helped her find some sock patterns for her first sock endeavor. Isn't it cute? She used the sock pattern from Spun Magazine. She didn't tell me what yarn she used but I really like the colors.