Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Kitty will cut ya.

Yesterday was one craptastically long day. It started with a headache, which turned into a migraine, which turned into me trying not to pass out while driving home early from work so I could take the high strength migraine meds, which really didn't stop the migraine fully, which I found out when I stood up too fast, got real light headed and fell to the floor landing on my wrist. It's making this nifty little clicking sound now.

Needless to say my concentration yesterday was nil so I don't have much to show in the way of progress.

Instead I will dazzle you with my Hello Kitty scissor collection.

When I was five, the 'rents loaded us kids in the back of the Cadillac and drove up to Niagara Falls. The only thing I remember about the trip is the story of a crazy man trying to go over the Falls in a barrel, someone's stupid kid climbing over the fence and walking near the edge, and a trip to a gift shop. We each got something and I remember picking the "Little Twin Stars" scissors.

These are the sharpest scissors I own next to my new Fiskars and they have never been sharpened. For the longest I couldn't find any like them anywhere. Then this past year, on a trip to AC Moore with the parents, I found the second pair. Big kid doesn't even described how I acted. Mamacita thought I was crazy when I jumped up and down with glee. Those are the pair the TSA tried to take from me before I nicely told them where to go and then mailed them back to myself. Take my scissors, are they nuts? You would have seen me on the tv, "Crazy ladies loses it after TSA tries to take her kiddie scissors. News at 11."
I found the other two pair just the other day while looking for little prizes for the girls in the knitting club. Aren't they adorable? I couldn't pass them up.