Thursday, March 30, 2006

And, I'm off.

Shout out to Purls Before Swine . She mentioned me in Scavenger Hunt Meme . The one I was going to do but really haven't had time for.

I'll be heading out to Chicago in a few hours. I anticipate a bunch of shopping (big malls and outlets - YEAH!) but not much in the way of craftiness other than in the airport/plane. I am going to head to a Asian goods store that I've heard about in search of some Japanese knitting patterns. I can't find any around these parts.

Before I go I wanted to ask two questions,

1.) Is anyone planning on doing Secret Pal 8?

-I am considering it but they are making it a bit of a job with all the rules. They are good rules to make sure people don't slack but it's a lot for my ADD to keep up with. If you did SP7, how was it as far as all the new stipulations?

2.) Who's going to The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival ?

-I read that last year they organized a knitblogger's meetup. Any word if they are having that this year? It would be nice to meet some of you in person.