Friday, March 24, 2006

When rejection is a good thing

Okay, so here's the deal. I submitted this design to Knitty....

...and it was rejected. Now, before you start feeling sad for me, I actually wanted it to get rejected. I worked on this over the Christmas holiday and was rushing to get it in before the deadline. After I submitted it I actually wanted to withdraw it because I realized I wasn't fully satisfied with it. I like the design but didn't really like my color choice and want to make some design changes. To avoid confusion I just waited to hear from them secretly wishing they would reject it. And they did. I've figured out how they choose patterns. It's a little theory I like to call "The Societal Similarities of Golf and Knitting", but I'll share that with you another day.

Since getting word last week, I've been busy working on the new ideas. Actually, ADHD set in and I really couldn't think about much else. First thing I had to do was decide on the yarn I wanted to use and design the charts to go with that gauge.

The first tank was made with Pakucho Cotton from . The problem is that they are out of this yarn. I want my tanks to be made out of cotton since they'll all be for the summer . I decided to get some Blue Sky Cotton from kpixie.

After working one side on Wednesday, I was struck with inspiration for another one last night.

This one is made with some LB Cotton-Ease. If you've noticed these get increasingly more revealing.

The honeymoon period is over with me and the Glimmer cardigan. Short rows = a pain in my butt. Since I don't have any progress pictures of the cardigan I flash you a little yarn porn.

Regia Cotton Surf and Tip & Top Cotton yarn I ordered from elann on Monday. Some of it is soon to be footies for G-ma's birthday next month.

Have a great weekend everyone.