Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh The Pain

Yesterday before I went to the Girls Club, I stopped at AC Moore to get the girls some yarn for their next project (purses). I buy all of their supplies out of my own pocket so I try to be cost-effective in my purchases. I decided on some Caron's Simply Soft. Cheap, decent colors, and soft. One girl tried to use the yarn but didn't like how it split. What the girls said next was like a blow to the heart. "Can we use that other yarn for our purses?" "What other yarn?", I ask. "The one like I have at home", said one girl. " With all the colors in it", said the other. "Like this", said another as she pulled yarn out of her bookbag. She pulls out RED HEART YARN! The steel wool of all yarns.

It hurts me to say that I will be going back to the store to exchange what I have for Red Heart yarn. I want them to enjoy what they make and they want Red Heart. They like the colors.

I've been working on the Glimmer Cardigan.

This weekend it's all about the sleeves.