Thursday, April 27, 2006

The thing about designing....

The thing about designing clothing is that it can really throw you off. In the fashion world, you have to work one or two seasons ahead. That's why there have been so many tank tops coming out of Chez Saun. I've actually been working on summer tanks since December and I'm all tanked-out. No more tanks for me right now. I've overdosed.

So what am I going to knit? Well of course I'm working on the "Miss dVa" dress. And baby items will now make their way in. But here is the thing. I need some sleeves in my life which is odd since I won't want to wear a sleeve for the next 5 months.

Everyone is finishing up their winter gear and it's really got me wanting. It seems that the New Yorkers are really on to something. Check out Carrie's Forecast sweater. Isn't it cute? She altered the pattern which has changed my perspective on the whole thing because originally I wasn't feeling it. I'm really liking her version. I still have to get over the whole top-down thing but I think I'll try.

And then there is Jared's Urban Aran Cardigan . I can't tell you how much I lust for that sweater right now. Don't believe me? Go look at it and remember to wipe the drool from your mouth when you are finished. I think that is the sexiest sweater I have ever seen. That might sound crazy but that's how I feel. Jared doesn't think I'll have time to make it but what he doesn't know is that thanks to those sexy sweater poses I now have 17 balls of Peruvian Highland Chunky on it's way right now. I need to clear the decks because next week, it's all about the Urban Aran.