Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fashion Week

This past week, I had a chance to attend my first Fashion Week show. I'm interning at Milly as the knitwear intern. Milly is a smaller company which is great for me because I get to see everything that goes on in a fashion house, not just the design side. Getting a line to show is a very involved process and I got to see everything from the sample making to fittings to the marketing, etc.

I was able to snap a few pics behind the scenes and during the show.

For the most part, my shots of the show are blurring but if you look at this pic on the
end of the first row (right) is Fern Mallis of IMG. She was a judge on Project Runway a few weeks ago. 2nd from the left is one of the supporting actresses from Gossip Girl.

Gavin DeGraw was also there although it took us about 10 mins to figure out who he was. He's not as distinct looking in person. One of the Olympic swimmers was there too. I can't remember his name but I know he was the blond one that was the only one to have a chance to beat Michael Phelps.

The show was good although in reality you only get to see about 30-40 pieces of a collection that is about 80 pieces.

Fashion week is always a great time to see what your favorite designers are creating next. Check out to see all the collections. Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Doo.Ri were a few of my favs.

Who are your favorite designers?