Monday, June 16, 2008

Deliriously magically

Have you ever had one of those weeks that was just kinda off...not bad...but off in a way that when the good things happen they seem sort of magical/mystical in nature? This was one of those weeks for me.

I was approached to help with costume design and wardrobe for a short film for an NYU film student. It was a good script so I decided to give it a go. Last week I spent time with the other wardrobe person figuring out last minute details, accessories, etc. Nothing bad there. The shoot started last Sunday....the same day the hell-ishly intense heatwave decided to visit NYC. And the one thing about movies is that for sound purposes you cannot have an A/C or fan going. 95 with a 105 degree heat index outside means 110+ degrees indoors with 20+ people and lights crammed into a tiny apartment. The odd thing is despite the heat it was fun. 2 of the actors had done parts on Law and Order so it was cool to talk to them about my favorite show. Then add all the other cool people on set and that made for Magical Moment #1

Magical Moment #2
Saturday was WWKIPD so I got a chance to go to Central Park for SitNKnit's meetup.

Meeting more knitters is always magical. There was a great raffle but I didn't win anything. Tawana, however, won 3 prizes.
After our time in the park we migrated to a bar on the Upper West Side and then to Knitty City.

After that Shameka and I headed to the subway where I was saw this guy
leaving the station and then this guy.... who played in this...

getting on the same train. If you know nothing else about me, know that The Last Dragon is my favorite movie of all time. He's definitely not my favorite actor but he is definitely the lead actor in my most favorite film. Magically moment 3 & 4.

Magical moment #5
While going to housewarming party for one of the crew members of the movie, I took a train to Brooklyn and had the fortune of seeing a fireworks display as we crossed the bridge into Brooklyn.

Magical moment #6
Sunday, as I was meeting up with my student for her knitting lesson, she points out that Agyness Deyn is standing right there on the street.

I've never had a favorite model until her. This picture was the inspiration for my haircut back in March. I really dig Agyness.

And to complete the day with Magical Moment #7.... After leaving the The Renegade Craft Fair (which is really just a bunch of hand-sewn bags, skirts, and silk-screened t-shirts by the way) I saw a man walking a horse down the sidewalk just like it was his pet dog. Seeing that made it clear that this was definitely a surreal week for me.

I got a request in my last post to do a review of some of the fabric/notion shops in NYC so that will be my next post.