Sunday, April 06, 2008

the week in review...

This past week was definitely a busy mostly good ways.

Of course there is always school but luckily Wednesday morning I got a text from Shameka asking if I was going to go see The Yarn Harlot. I hadn't even heard about it. Class ended at 6pm and the event started at 7 so I could make it.

That's a pic of the crowd trying to get free buttons. Knitters and their buttons......

The Harlot and her sock. I didn't stay for the book signing but I did get a chance to ask if she was going to do a Knitting Olympics this year. She promptly replied no but said she'd do it in 2010 for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

This is a pic of the top that I started while I was standing in the crowd. It's always good to travel with knitting. Even though I didn't plan on going, I was fortunately prepared for the occassion.

Thursday I had a final. Every time I say that people say "Isn't it a little early for finals?". Well, we have our finals then we work on our term garments. This one was for draping. Given a picture of a jacket, your muslin, and a dressform, you have 2.5 hrs to make half the jacket. Fun times I tell ya.

Wisely, I had a strategic plan for decompressing afterwords. I treated myself to dinner and a little Pinkberry. I guess they only have stores in LA and NYC so I apologize for those that don't have it when I say that the stuff is magical. Down right magical.

Then I head off to meet Shameka at a after-work party. I stayed there for a bit and then headed to another bar to see an old high school friend that dj's there. His friend happened to take some pictures of me as I was looking at some folks at the other end of the bar. Despite the somber look, I was actually enjoying myself.

Though it may not be clear, I'm wearing my Billie Jacket in the picture.

Friday, I met up with Shameka again to go to The Point for some knit time. I actually saw Carrie there eventhough she didn't see me. I was at a back table and I didn't see her until she was on her way out.

We wrapped up the night with some Thai and a little Pinkberry. I just couldn't resist.