Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The R&R beret

Here it is... the R&R beret to commemorate my weekend of rest and relaxation with Rhinebeck and Ravelry. Made in a similar style to my Pumkinhead Hats, this hat is a beret style hat but with a simple texture pattern to highlight any cool variegated worsted weight yarn. It is knit flat and seamed.

The R&R Beret
by Sauniell N. Connally
copyright 2007
For non-commercial use only

Yarn: Manos del Uruguary (3.5oz/ 100grams, 138 yds/ 126 meters) - 1 skein
Color shown: #113 Wildflower

US 6 (4.00 mm) straights, US 8 (5mm) straights
Supplies: Stitch markers, tapestry needle

18 sts/24 rows per 4in/10cm in simple seed stitch pattern

Size: One size fits most
Skill Level: Beginner

Simple Seed Stitch Pattern
Row 1: *(k1, p1) , repeating from *
Row 3: *(p1, k1), repeating from *
Row 2 & 4: purl all sts


Using US 6 (4.00 mm) needles, cast on 78 sts.
Row 1: k1, *k2, p2, repeating from * to last st, k1.
Row 2: p1, *k2,p2, repeating from * to last st, p1.
Repeat the last 2 rows twice.

Next RS row: Switching to the US 8 needle, k1,*k2,m1, repeating from * to last st, k1. (116 sts)
Next row: purl all sts.

Next row: k1, and begin row 1 of the simple seed stitch pattern to the last st, k1.
Continue on, working the stitch pattern until the hat measures 4 inches from the ribbing.

Next RS row: work 2o sts, pm, *work 19, pm, repeating from * 3 times, work 20 sts. Work WS row in pattern.
Next RS row (right decreases): k1, skp, * work to next marker, slm, skp , repeating from * 4 times, then work to the end. Work one row in pattern. (110 sts)
Next RS row (left decreases): *work to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, repeating from * 4 times, then working to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. (104 sts)
Repeat the last 4 rows once. (92 sts)

Next RS row: work row making right and left decreases at row beg, end, and markers as done in the rows above. (80 sts)
Repeat in this manner on every RS row until there are 5 sts between each marker.
Next RS row: work row making right decreases. (26 sts)

Cut a long tail and using a tapestry needle, string tail through the loose stitches and tighten and secure. Block hat and seam side.


m1 - make one k2tog - knit two together
pm - place marker skp - slip st, k1, pass slipped stitch over
slm - slip marker RS - right side

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The pm--What does "pass slipped stitch over" mean? Is that the slip stitch I just made? Thanks!

By Blogger Maggie A., at February 27, 2012 1:13 AM  

I love this hat! I'm going to make it, I even ordered the same yarn. Just so gorgeous! Sad thing is waiting for the yarn.

By Blogger Judy Young, at December 15, 2015 2:38 AM  

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