Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zen Knitting

"You won't have a social life".

These were the words that stuck out most at my orientation today. Going back to school is going to be a true test of my time management skills. But I am determined to not let that get in the way of my knitting time. Right now I'm trying to figure out my next project. I've started and stopped a few things. I've started my Habu jacket which is strictly an at-home project and I have a small lace scarf for my train project. But for some reasons they aren't hitting the spot. I think I just want a good old-fashioned (but not "old-fashioned) sweater. Some stockinette and maybe a cable or two but nothing complex.......I think I just figured it out...... I need some zen knitting. Something to calm the nerves and help me relax.

While I figure out my zen project, I'll do a little housekeeping.

Does anyone want a copy of the Winter 06/07 Vogue Knitting? I have 2 copies to give away. The first 2 people to leave a comment can have them. If you see that you are one of the first 2 to leave a comment, then go ahead and send me an email with your mailing address. If there are already 2 names, consider them gone. (please don't send a "just in case" email. I'll do another post if they don't get claimed. )