Monday, October 08, 2007

Why is it.....

How is it that when I am sitting somewhere knitting with my face down and my Ipod on, someone always wants to talk to me? I thought head down and earphones on was the universal sign for leave me alone. And why do they always interrupt with that silly "Can you make me something?" line. Was it really worth interrupting me for that? I have to put down my knitting to take out my earphones just to hear them repeat an obviously dumb question, when the obvious answer is "no"(i do try to be more polite about it though). Then they look at me like I'm supposed to say something else. From now on I'm going to answer that question with the "Are you serious-I don't know you-why would I make you something- are you gonna pay me-why did you interrupt me for that- get a better opening line-you're stupid" face.

I'm trying to finish my last book project between classes and one of the security guards decides to interrupt me with that nonsense. Can you tell how much that irritated me?