Thursday, September 13, 2007

What I've been doing with my time

Ah yes......I am still here. I'm sure you thought I was lost in the abyss and never coming back to this here blog. Despite their efforts, FIT will never keep me away from you.

This program is no joke. I've already had one of those moments where I asked myself, "What am I doing here ?" I leave the apartment at 7:30 in the morning and don't get home until 9:30pm. It's madness. Here's how I spend the hours....

I do a little knitting on the subway. This is a little scarf I'm working up in an arrowhead stitch pattern using some Savannah organic yarn from The Fibre Company.

I spend hours learning to drape muslin to make a dress and make a pattern. Hours and hours and hours.

I sneak into store dressing rooms to take pictures of expensive dresses....

so I can sketch them for class.

And then I look at the lights of Madison Square Garden as I walk to the subway to go home.

Luckily we don't have classes today and tomorrow due to the Jewish holiday. It will give me a chance to catch up on some sleep, do some homework, and knit. I am actually working on a knitted jacket using some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. I don't have any pictures yet because it just looks like a blob of yarn. I'm hoping to get more done this weekend since I have the time.