Friday, June 06, 2008


Honestly, life has been an emotional roller coaster as of late. The world has presented a lot of change in such a short amount of time. The climate is devastatingly unpredictable**, the economy sucks, my personal economy sucks, and now there's not enough fish in the water because we humans are eating them into non-existence. ( I already don't eat beef/pork and hardly chicken...I guess I should just go vegetarian...)

As I contemplate how to cut back I am glad that I , like a woodland creature storing up for the winter, have a vast stash of yarn and fabrics. Thankfully this will get me through the lean times and keep me sane and happy in the process.

Thanks to my stash I was able to create Jasmine .

Pattern: Jasmine by Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Jaeger Siena - 6 balls
Size: Medium
Needles: Addi Turbo US1 & US2
Start: May 15
Finish: June 4

One thing that will not change is Kim Hargreaves' impeccable taste and style. I can always rely on her for a good design.
This was an easy knit. I worked on it during my trip to Minneapolis for the Memorial Day weekend and then set it down while my sister came to visit me the following week. I finished the sleeves on Sunday/Monday and did the yoke and buttons on Monday.

Despite all the doom and gloom in the beginning of this post, I do believe it will be the creative, imaginative, inventive people that will make out the best in these changing times. You know how to do more with less and expand upon your talents to get what you need.

** Question: Shouldn't one be frightened when you hear tornado sirens?

While in North Minneapolis I heard what I thought were sirens. When I interrupted my friend who was watching tv and doing some work to ask, she didn't seem to care and went back to her work. Now I don't know about you but I don't do well in natural disaster situations. After I turned on another tv, saw the tornado warning, had my panic attack (literally), heard the weather man say something about wall clouds 5 miles from my current location, and have another panic attack while on the phone with my sister because the townhome has no good interior rooms or a basement, I proceed to grab a bag, hop in my rental car and drive south towards clear skies. Did I forget to mention I just left my friend in her house cause she didn't seem phased at all. I sought solace in a nice Jo-Ann's etc where I purchased the buttons for Jasmine. Oh...and a tornado did eventually touch down about 15 miles away from her house.