Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm putting out a hit on top-down raglan sweaters

There.....I've said it!

I've been holding out, trying to be nice but I've had ENOUGH! This Zimmerman thing has gotten out of hand. I've haven't had the time to follow hand-knits as much over the past 2 years but now that I've started paying attention again I'm thoroughly disappointed. Top-down raglan knitting, like a virus, has taken over the hand-knits and it's ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong. Every style has it's place but I'll be damned (excuse my potty mouth) if every sweater you make is suited to be a raglan. There are set-in, dolman, drop sleeves, etc. As a knitter if every sweater you make has raglan sleeves because you don't like making sleeves or sewing seams that is your preference because maybe you like every sweater you own to look the same or just like the act of knitting. As a designer I take real issue. If all you are doing is taking an Elizabeth Zimmerman recipe and throwing in a different stitch pattern.....well let me say it like this... it's like the difference between chefs and cooks. And now we have whole publications chock full of top-down raglan-sleeved sweaters that in no way cater to people, like me, that don't want increase holes in my raglan line or better yet think raglans make me look like I have shoulders like a football player. If it's really raglan sleeves that you like then try designing a sweater where the raglan sleeves need to be sewn in.

So from this day forward, tell your mothers, friends, sisters, brothers, and cousins.....I'm issuing a challenge and I'm putting out a hit out on top-down raglan sweaters. I want to kill this trend before it gets any worse.


I agree - I like raglan sweaters but I can't believe people get books published just with raglan sweaters with different sleeve lengths or having added reverse stockinette. They're still just raglans!

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