Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ready for the sheep

I have this little song. It consists of only 3 words. "Sheep and Wool". I chant the words real fast twice and then in a high voice, pronounciate the 3 words like an opera singer.

I'm not sure why but I'm excited and fearful about my first jaunt to Maryland Sheep & Wool. I'm fearful that I won't find anything to buy or what I want they won't have because it will be gone before I get there. I have this vision of ravenous knitters fighting over yarn like the infamous wedding dress sale at Filene's.I'm excited that I'm going to be meet fellow bloggers. I'm real excited about that. I need to get mentally prepared. I already know I'm going to be naming people my their blog and I apologize in advance. Even though I know her name is Lauren, I know I'm going to call her "Lolly". Mamacita is flying in Friday, so we should be there bright and early Saturday. I bought a new smaller camera just in time for the weekend so I should have no problem taking pictures to show on Monday.

I've started the Urban Aran Cardigan. This is the back piece. Jackie, a fellow SnB'er, is getting a kick out of me making this. She jokes about me using bamboo needles and wool since I prefer cotton and plastic needles.. Bamboo needles and wool are never high on my list but this thing is so undeniable that I have to do it.