Monday, February 26, 2007

Late night report

Thanks to the Oscars running over time, I'm still up late. I don't think I've ever watched the entire show but this year I did. Ellen was hilarious and I think this year's show was more entertaining than it's ever been. I was hoping Little Miss Sunshine would have won more but I'll survive since Jennifer Hudson and Forrest Whittaker both won. YEAH!

Another exciting part of the evening is that I finished these while watching the show. This is the first thing that I've made for myself since September or October. Noro yarn is nice but I don't understand why it cost as much as it does. I think this weekend I'll finally get around to making the Michael Kors coat I've wanted since late last year.

This is off-topic but I have a question for everyone that lives outside of the US. Do you have to file taxes every year? We have to file federal and state tax returns to make sure we paid the proper taxes during the year. Do you have to do that? I'm not up on how each country works but I need to find a country without this tedious process. Perferrably a country with a consistently warm climate.