Monday, February 19, 2007

This just doesn't add up.

I feel like something is wrong with this equation.....

Saturday night + No life = Making a baby quilt

While I was more than happy to do it, somehow I feel like making quilts to celebrate other people's happy times highlights my lackluster social life. But I digress....

A friend is expecting a baby and since he is such a good person I decided to make something for his future son. I opted for the quilt since I could finish this faster than knitting up something. I chose primary colors and used a solid blue for the backing. I placed the "odd" blue block in the corner just to be odd. A little mental stimulation for the child as he learns his colors. The daddy-to-be loved it. (Mommy-to-be wasn't feeling well enough to come to the shower so I don't know what she thinks yet.)

Earlier Saturday afternoon I was looking for a little retail therapy. I just felt the need to buy something. The choices were shoe shopping or yarn. Since I know the damage I could do buying shoes, I opted for the yarn shop 5 minutes from my house. I knew exactly what I wanted.

One skein of Noro to make some handwarmers and some Addi US 8s. I've wanted to make these for awhile but didn't have the time. I think I'll start them later this week.

Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine.