Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random things

Julia hit me up with the "5 Random Things About Me" Meme.

Here we go.

1. I will not eat anything past it's expiration date. Not even by 1 day. I have no desire to test the theory of exactly when food goes bad. The expiration date is a good enough indicator for me.

2. I am quite anal about being on time. Growing up, my father had a great habit of being everywhere 15-30mins late. To offset that, I always told him things started 30 mins before they really did. I hate being late. HATE.IT. I am always on time or early.

3. (This one my parents are going to love.)I'm a little creative and sneaky. I learned in my high school years that if you were the "good kid", no one ever would believe that you would do bad things. In high school I had the most creative ways of cutting class. My favorite was stuffing my purse in my backpack and then telling the teacher I thought I left it in the cafeteria. That way I got to hang out in the cafeteria and if I was questioned I could say that I had my teacher's permission. I won't even tell you how this skill manifests itself in my adult life. I don't want to taint your image of me ;)

4. I like to plan parties and would like to do some event planning as a side business. I was the dance committee kid in school. Winter formals, proms, you name it, I planned it. Parties in college and after college. It's just a lot of fun, plus it was always a great way to get into the best parties for free.

5. I once spent a whole day backstage on a Mary J. Blige tour but I never got to meet Mary J.

One Saturday while living in Atlanta I went to the fabric store. I noticed that the woman in front of me in the line had an outfit with Swarvoski rhinestones and I asked her about them. Her name was Sonia and she told me it was an outfit for Mary J. Blige and that she was just doing some alterations. We talked for a few minutes (she was Mary's seamstress/stylist and had done some work for Luther Vandross), she checked out, and left the store. As I was getting in my car I heard a loud crash. The men that were driving her around somehow crashed into the light pole in the middle of an empty parking lot. When I asked if she needed any help, she asked me to drive her down to the theatre and then maybe to the hospital. I said sure.

We went to the theatre, where I met the tour manager and the other stylists. We all convinced her to go to the hospital and I took her. The wait was too long and the show started in 3 hours so I took her back to the theatre and helped her set up Mary's outfit changes. I met most of the crew and the dancers. Then another tour manager offered me some tickets for being so helpful. I wasn't going to take them but they insisted that I come back for the show and then come backstage after the concert to maybe meet Mary. I went to the show by myself (none of my friends answered their phones when I called) and then went backstage. I met some other folks including Mary J's sister who thanked me for helping them out. I never got to meet Mary because she was talking to other folks and I offered to take Sonia back to the hospital. By 2am, Sonia had been seen by the doctor and was on the tour bus headed for the next stop. I waved good-bye to everyone and went home.

I'm the biggest Mary J. fan and was slightly disappointed that I didn't get to meet her but I was glad that I could help Sonia out.