Sunday, January 21, 2007

Secrets uncovered (and on the cover too!)

When I started off as a knitwear designer I had my share of doubts. Would people take me seriously? Would people like what I had to offer? I started by publishing on my blog and then moved onto bigger goals. I've since had the opportunity to work with some great people for online and book publications.

Of course with any endeavor, there is your ultimate goal. The dream of all dreams. My dream of all dreams is to be published in a major knitting magazine.

The first time I submitted ideas to Soho Publishing, they turned down all of them. It was a slight blow, but it helped me recognize where I faultered and where I needed to improve. I went back to the drawing board, literally, and then entered new things in the next round of submissions.

Then the email of all emails came. They wanted three of my designs.

One each for the Spring and Summer issues of Knit.1 and the other for the Spring Knit Simple.

I held onto this little secret until the check cleared and I knew for sure that things were going to get published. It took all the strength in the world not to tell you all.

But that's not even the biggest news. The greatest news I received a week or so ago. Want to know what it is?

On March 7*, my little ditty will be gracing the cover of.....

When I found out, I screamed and danced for about 10 mins, fell out on the floor, and then called my parents.

I have to thank all my bloggy friends for helping me reach this goal. Without all the encouragement it may have taken me years to get up the courage to reach this goal.

(*day it hits the newstands)

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