Friday, January 19, 2007

The natives are so entertaining

As you might be able to tell...It snowed yesterday.

It didn't snow much but this little bit is the reason that living in the south is so entertaining. It was all of a half inch (1.5cm for you metric folks) and the city was in peril. No ice, just snow and a little sleet. Every news broadcast was saying "Winter Storm Watch" and pre-empting morning shows to bring you coverage of the half inch that was bringing the city to a stand-still. FUN-NY! The children had a snow day which was ridiculous. In Ohio it has to be more than a foot before they even consider shutting down a school.

And the funniest part is that it was all melted by noon.

With all the secret knitting going on, I've started to miss my "Me" projects. Everything that I have made in the last two months has been shipped off somewhere. I thought my knits might be lonely so I gave them some friends to play until I can get back to them.

This last set of submission has me in a whirlwind but after they are done I'm taking a break. I need some "me" time and that means some "me" knitting.

And in some breaking news...I can finally reveal some of my secret knitting. I'm going to wait until Monday to tell you the good news though. What I will say is that it is exciting.

See ya Monday!