Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The greatest moments of your life

There is a moral to this story so I'll start with that:

Live Without Fear Moral #1:

If there is something that you want to do or try, never be afraid to do it on your own. You may miss out on one of the greatest moments of your life because you were to scared to go somewhere by yourself.

This weekend I experienced one of the greatest moments of my life.

It's no big secret that Mint Condition is my favorite group and that their song "So Fine" is my all time favorite song. So it should also be no surprise that when I found out they were coming to Raleigh that I dropped everything and bought a ticket. Of course I asked friends if they wanted to go but no one was interested. Would that stop me? Of course not! I love them more than cooked food. If you asked me to make a choice between Mint Condition and eating I would say, "I guess I needed to lose some weight anyway." Nothing could stop me from seeing them.

Let me also add that seeing MC play my favorite song live was at the top of my "Things to Do in this Lifetime" list. They don't tour very often so I didn't think it was a possibility of seeing them, let alone having them play my favorite song. On Saturday night I was able to cross that thing off my list. The very first song they sang was my song! Words could not explain my joy.

Yes my friends, if I had been too scared to go to a concert by myself I would have never experienced one of my all time greatest moments.

So now I'll ask you.....What is at the top of your "Things to Do" list and would you be willing to do it alone?

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