Monday, May 08, 2006

MDSW Recap: The Scene

MDSW was a true experience.... a slightly weird, anxiety-filled but cool experience. Saturday morning I awoke ready to meet all of my virtual friends and then it hit me. The questions. What is her real name? How do I pronounce her name? What does she look like? I've never seen her picture.

Despite all the questions I was still excited. After Mamacita and I awoke from our nap in the car we headed to the meetup (Yeah ladies, if I seemed a little resigned when you met me it's because I'd just woke up. That sun was a killer.) This is what I saw when I got there.

More people than I imagined. So I stood still and took it all in and the first person I recognized was Lauren , who I must say is everything you imagine she is and more. She's real cool.

That's Every Word's A Purl Carrie next to Lauren. She decided at the last minute to ride down with Julsey. We giggled like little school girls when we met. Carrie had to run off to find a friend so we only met for a few minutes but I'm glad we did.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

Here is Zarah and Shelby (my SP6 pal) . Shelby was the person that I really worried about not finding because I realized I had never seen her picture. Luckily she found me. These 2 ladies were fun to chat with. That's Pinky Acrylique off to the side. This was my first chance to meet her even though we live in the same area. She and Gray La Gran rode up together. They had some great yarn purchases.

Here is Eunny and Stephanie . Stephanie was wearing her beautiful Butterfly cami but when I snapped this pic she was modeling Eunny's latest design.

I also met Mama-E , NanC , and Jo and Coleen. No pics though. I'm sure I'm missing a few folks so if I missed your name I apologize.

Tomorrow I'll recap the rest of my MDSW experience and my purchases. (Can you say Socks That Rock!)


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