Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MDSW Recap: The Score

You know what's funny? All the people who have started posts this week with "Well if your tired of MDSW posts then don't worry cause I didn't go" or something snarky like that. People can write about pet issues, boyfriend problems, global warming, and other depressing stuff but a couple of posts on all the fun of MDSW and people get irritated. Ha ha ha! Now that's funny.

Well I have one more MDSW related post so here is your warning to click away now. But before you do, repeat after me. " Hi. My name is -insert your name here-, and I am a hater!"

Okay, now here's the deal. Mamacita and I got up at the crack of dawn (7am) to head out to the fairgrounds. We left at 8am but it was closer than we thought so when we approached at 8:25 we thought we were early. That was until we say that over 100 cars were already in the lot.

The first thing I wanted was some Chocolate Soap from Simpler Thyme. Score! I read about this last year on all the blogs and so I made sure to head there first.

Then I saw the Koigu booth. I only knew this by the ton of ravenously rude women hovering around the booth. It was really unbecoming. We all know I'm not the biggest Koigu fan so I came back a few hours later when there was little left. I thought I was going to get a deal so I decided to partake. She said it was 12 cents a gram. I grabbed a few mill ends. ( I was really expecting real skeins but they only do mill ends at this thing.) She rang it up and said $46 dollars. I guess the crazy ladies before me paid what ever she said but I looked at her and said "Naw, I need to take some of that out of that bag". She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. It went down to $25. I gave most of it to Mamacita (enough for footies) with the stipulation that she make something for herself. She's always giving her knits away.

Socks That Rock from The Fold. I read Cara's rave reviews but never bought any because I'd never seen it in person. I found two colorways that I like. I think 15 minutes after I bought mine, it was all gone. That was at 10:30am. Ravenous I say, ravenous!

Brooks Farm was next on my list. It was slightly disappointing because I came ready to buy,buy,buy, but everything that appealed to me was red or pink and I have way too much of that. I did snag this Limited Edition silk blend. It's a nice cherry-chocolate color.

Morehouse Merino was disappointing to. I really wanted some merino but it was mostly laceweight or in these kid-like variegated colors.

Shelridge Farms didn't have enough of the dye-lot of Tangerine Wool Cotton I wanted so I placed an order online. It should be here next week.

Davidson Corp Yarns was the biggest score of all. I bought some of this yarn when I first started knitting in Minnesota but didn't buy enough to make a good sweater. I've never seen the yarn since until now.(I didn't think to look for a website) The dyelots don't match but I don't care. I'm excited I can finally use this yarn.

Before I go, here is the mandatory cute animal shot. Angora goats. Sheep were common. Goats, not so much.