Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quiet Time

It's been quiet around this here blog. That's due in part to the many season finales on the television this week. Did you see Grey's Anatomy! That Izzy and Denny! Woooo! With all that emotion there was no way I could knit through that. It was fabulous! Then there was the Prison Break finale and you all know I luvs me some Wentworth. No knitting through that either. I got a brief reprieve last night so I spend a little time on Urban Aran and finished the back piece.

Those finales are the reason that the Waves pattern still hasn't been typed up. It should be here by the weekend but that depends on how I feel after tonight's America's Next Top Model finale. If I'm not on the phone discussing the finale then I might type it up tonight and proof it tomorrow.

Saturday I had a chance to head out to the fabric store in search of some material for skirts. The objective is to expand my wardrobe with some Project Spectrum inspiration. I don't have much green so I hoped to find some. Right now I'm really inspired by this big skirt craze. Have you ever seen Imitation of Life . It's by far one of my favorite movies because of the clothing. It was filmed in the late 50's when clothes were glamorous. I could never dress like that now for fear of looking like I'm in a costume but the big skirts may be the closest I get.

Unfortunately the JoAnn's near me didn't have much in the way of green. This was all I found. The green/blue material will be my Project Spectrum cross-over project, May and June.