Friday, September 29, 2006

Catch me if you can

I know I may not talk about him much but I do have an older brother. I don't talk to him as much as my sister because 1) He lives on the other side of the country in Seattle 2) There is 3 hour time difference, he doesn't have a cell phone and he's never home,and occasionally checks email. He kinda of reminds me of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "Catch Me If You Can". While all of his doings are very legal, he is always off doing something and hard to catch up with. He's an artist, does volunteer work with children in the arts, missionary work, a board member of a chocolate company,and much more. Up until this year he was in school working on a Ph.D. but has opted out with his second Masters degree. It's hard to date women when you're in school so hopefully we can get him married off now so my sister can get off my back. (Know any single woman looking for a 6'7" college educated, Christian man, with no children?)

Now that he's out of school and working, we've been hearing more from him. He's even sending out late birthday gifts. Yesterday, this box was at my door.

Only my brother's creative mind could come up with this. Notice the "handling" instructions. It says from "The Ghetto Packaging Corp"

Inside was this light.

It is a Starlightz from artecnicainc . It's this cool earth friendly light fixture made of paper and each one is hand-made. It goes great with my living room furniture.

Now I just have to find my brother so I can thank him.

My sister will be in town tomorrow so I'm sure to have fun stories to tell on Monday. The Vex pattern may be up this weekend too. Hopefully.