Sunday, September 10, 2006

Love, thy name is SpaceBag

I've been slowly preparing for my parents arrival in a few weeks. I have a second bedroom which was supposed to be my office but instead , over time, turns into a random mess of fabric and yarn. I had it organized for awhile but that didn't keep. I decided that I must find a better way to store things.

Thus the SpaceBags. A way to store things, still be able to identify them, and reduce the space needed to store them. My yarn stash covered my futon, a rubbermaid bin, and numerous shopping bags. It now all fits in the rubbermaid container.

SpaceBag, I love you!

I bought a jumbo pack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I was also able to store some bedding and summer clothes. Later this week I'm going to store some of my fabric stash.

I also watched a little college football this weekend. I'm not really a big football fan but I can watch it. I found this to be one of the funniest things ever.

Akron beat NC State with 3 seconds left in the game. Hilarious! Why is this funny you ask? Being that NCSU is a local college, I know a few people that went there and to know that a college from my home state that wasn't seen as a threat came to town and kicked butt makes me chuckle.

And now.......GO BUCKEYES!!!

I'm usually tame with my alumni spirit but some things have to be celebrated. Texas who?

And in case the media tries to blow this out of proportion, let me tell you it's nothing new and not really a big deal. Rowdy OSU fans have been setting the campus on fire after big games since 1997. I once had a dumpster set on fire 5 feet from my apartment door. The fire dept had it out in 10 minutes. The city is used to it now.