Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's all relative

Many times before I've said that I thought that Koigu KPPPM is an overrated yarn. But after dealing with this Regia Cotton Surf, I may be a little easier on the KPPPM. Regia Cotton Surf is like knitting with sandpaper. It's hard and rough. I've been working this sock for G-ma for a while and I think that may be the reason it is taking me so long.

I bought some Koigu KPPPM the other day (yeah, yeah, I know. Summer of Stash blah blah blah - more on that in a minute)and it's a reprieve from the Regia.

I will say that starting this sock has gotten me back on a sock kick. It could also be because the days are starting to get shorter and I start to feel the onset of the autumn weather.

As for the Summer of Stash, I'm totally over it. I made it this far and I'm proud but I don't care any more. I was in the store looking for yarn for pattern submissions and I saw the Koigu and liked the colors. Once I did that I didn't really care about SOS anymore. I bought some yarn off of Ebay last night and I don't even feel guilty.