Monday, August 14, 2006

Finishing School

The weather was fabulous here in NC over the weekend so I made sure to get out and enjoy it. Of course that meant that some knitting went by the wayside. Instead I made this weekend about finishing some projects.

First up was the Urban Aran Cardigan. (Excuse the crappy pic. I was in no mood for dealing with the tripod).I'm awaiting the zipper I ordered but otherwise it's a FO. I'm not used to such a loose fitting article of clothing but it actually fits quite nicely. I made the size medium.

Thanks to JoAnn's sale on buttons I finished up the baby cardigan from my future godchild.

Aren't the button's adorable? I'm working on the matching hat now.

I also finished up the blanket. It's not perfectly square and has a tendency to curl but I think it's good enough.

And in clearing out items I came across this.

This is the beginning of some socks, using Regia Cotton Surf, for my G-ma which I started in April. I'm thinking I should finish these soon too.