Monday, August 07, 2006

Fear and anticipation

Ha! All you crazy kids actually think that being a Stash Slasher means I can't buy new yarn. Bwwwwwaaaahaaa. Yeah right. Soon as this S.O.S is over I'm headed straight for the crack house...oops I mean, LYS.
The real reason I'm doing it is because I want new stuff but can't justify buying until I create some space for it. I haven't joined a Secret Pal swap in awhile and really don't think I should until I tackle some stash. Thus the concept of the Stash Slasher.

Okay onto the true subject of today's post.

Have you ever had something that you anticipated and feared at the same time. I came to the conclusion that this is how I feel about "The Dress" and why I kept putting it off.

I fear:
-That I might mess it up
-That it won't turn out like I hoped
-That attempting a free-form design was truly the nuttiest thing I've every done.
-If I finish I'll actually have to weave in all the ends
-That tons of stockinette curls and I can't keep it from curling (it's cotton, remember, no real blocking will work)

I decided last night to bite the bullet and finish. I still have one back strap to go. I have no clue if this will fit and at this point, I don't think I care anymore. If it's too small I'll just forgoe a couple of meals so I can fit into it cause there is NO WAY I'm going to redo it and I'm NOT giving this thing away to anyone.

I'm going to finish the strap tonite and try it on. If I'm feeling confident, I might even take a picture.