Friday, July 28, 2006

The evils of coffee

" I never knew a shot of espresso could be so good. I think I see dead people."

This is the text message I got from my sister this morning. At the moment she is driving from Chicago to Cleveland. This comes after a long night of cancelled flights at O'Hare. She was there over 8 hours before she gave up and decided to drive. It seems there were over 50 cancelled flights. Some say it was weather, a few pilots blamed air traffic control. In any event, this shows why I hate going to O'Hare airport.

Now for an update. I'm splitting time between Urban Aran and my Magknits submission. The Dress is going to have to wait until Sunday when I have some uninterrupted time. I really need to concentrate on that one.

Here are the front and back of Urban Aran blocking. I'm going to start working on the sleeves tonight. We have rain in the forecast all weekend so it looks like knitting time will be unavoidable.

Have a good weekend everyone.