Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's my drug of choice

This isn't really about knitting, sewing, or anything crafty, so read on if you like. It's just me ramblin about one of my favorite things.

It used to be back in the day that summer television programming sucked. It forced you to get out and enjoy the good weather. For me it seems that, at times, the good weather is a little too good (as in too hot and humid) and I need stay indoors with the A/C. Thank goodness that summer television has improved.

You all know I'm a TV addict so I must share with you some of the latest and greatest.

First off, we don't get the Bravo network in my area so I won't be seeing Project Runway again this season. Hopefully someone will post the episodes on YouTube.

And let's talk about YouTube for a minute and how I have a growing addiction to it. You can find almost anything on there. It's the greatest. Where else can you see things like this and this and this.

Now moving on...

VH1 is showing the World Series of Pop Culture this week. I consider myself a bit of a Pop Culture whore so this is right up my alley. I'm DVR'ing this for some weekend viewing.

Tonite I was watching some work from my favorite crazy, Stephen King. The first episode of Nightmares & Dreamscapes was quite interesting. The most interesting part of the entire episode is that no one spoken an actual syllable the entire hour. There were some grunts and groans but no words. It reminded me of the movie Cat's Eye .

Of course there is Entourage on Sunday night. I heart Adrian Grenier. Which reminds me about the Devil Wears Prada. More on that in a sec.

My new favorite by far is the show Psych on the USA network. It features the oh-so-cute Dule Hill . I first saw him tap-dancing on an episode of Sesame Street and I've liked him ever since. Last Friday's episode was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

If you are into fashion then you definitely should see The Devil Wears Prada. It had a good story but I loved it more for the great fashion and glimpse at the fashion world. Anne Hathaway was great and Adrian was a dream. Meryl Streep was ...well...Meryl Streep. She never disappoints.

I think I've bored you enough. Now I'm off to knit and watch some more television.