Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday dresses

I'm not sure if many of you can relate but when I was little we had the whole concept of "Sunday clothes". Sunday clothes were your special clothes. They had special instructions. You couldn't play in them or lie around in them. They were the pretty clothes. On special holidays like Christmas and Easter, my sister and I would get extra frilly dresses and sometimes my mother would even make them. I thought about this as I started my day of dressmaking. Somewhere along the way in life I fell out of love with dresses but I'm reuniting myself with them this summer.

Here is "The Dress". I originally started with a seperate sash waistband but later decide to try picking up stitches directly from the skirt. I'm using a chevron pattern on it for a little contrast to the straight lines of the larger chevron in the skirt. It's almost done. Just 3-4 more rounds and it will be ready for the bodice/straps.

I'm setting this aside and getting started on some sewing.