Monday, June 05, 2006

Arts & Crafts

It's been arts & crafts time in the sick ward here at Chez Saun. It would seem that I've contracted a funky case of pharyngitis. Loosely translated that means something funky like a mosquito or something gave me some crappy virus that makes my throat swell ridiculously, causes pains, affects my speech, and puts me in an overall irritated and crappy mood. And best part, like the common cold, nothing can cure it. It just has to run its course. Isn't that great!?! (Can you sense my extreme sarcasm?) And did I forget to add that being a sick single woman sucks because you have to take care of yourself and go to the store for your own medicine even if you feel like crap.

Now that I'm done complaining I'll show you what I made during arts &crafts time. This weekend it was jewelry time. I'm lacking in the funky jewelry department so instead of paying out the wazoo, I invested that money in beads and supplies.
green shell necklace with drop earrings - one of my favorites
pink & white clear beads with a heart pendant - my favorite
earrings - gold filagree, large shells, and seed beads (pink & orange)
orange shell bracelet and necklace (on elastic) that doubles as a bracelet
assorted white/clear bracelets & necklaces
double strand necklace and bracelet.

That's 7 pairs of earrings, 5 necklaces, & 5 bracelets. I spent about $65 dollars and used a little over half of my supplies. That's around $35 for all that stuff. Isn't DIY the greatest! I still need some red and blues but I'll finish those another day.

So what did you do with your weekend? I hope it went better than mine.