Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Dress & My Audrey Phase

The Dress

Thanks for weighing in on the points direction. I realized why the fit wasn't working out the way I thought it should. I was wearing it lower than I originally intended. The point of the top yellow stripe is supposed to meet my belly button and I was trying it on a lot lower than that. That's why it was too tight and hugging everything wrong.

I'm still going to make a seperate sash and sew it on. I think the construction of the dress needs to be better defined at the waist.

I'm taking a break on this for a week or so. I have other things to want to do first.


In addition to my love of the fashionable 50's in Imitation of Life, I am also going through my Audrey Hepburn phase. Thanks to Netflix I am making my way through all of her movies. Roman Holiday, How To Steal A Million, Breakfast at Tiffanys. Lovin' it!
The fashion is classic and elegant.

This is partially the reason for my new skirt phase. I used to be a fanatic for a good pair of shorts but nowadays it's hard to find a flattering pair. Some are just to short to be appropriate and I don't like the look of long shorts/culottes/madras, so I'm all about the skirts. If you're interested I used McCall's M5053 for the skirt with the yoke and McCalls' 4306 for the A-line floral skirt. Both are really easy but the latter gets my vote for best/easiest/quickest/yet stylish skirt pattern ever. 4 seams and a zipper. I was done in an hour. I have two more to make this weekend.

Dear Audrey is also the reason I had to buy this....

This is the Cherry Pattern from Ms. Bell. I loved it the minute I saw it. Then to push me over the edge she describes it with reference to Audrey Hepburn.

I bought some Jaeger Trinity yarn to make this project but it may be that I've hit a snag. When I first got the pattern it said I needed 6 balls at 109 yds each = 654 yds. I bought last 3 balls of Trinity in this color. 3 * 215 = 645. Perfect! Then there was an update to the pattern that says I'll need 7 balls @109 yds. That 763 yds and the LYS doesn't have any more of it. So the question is, do I (1)return the 2 balls I haven't used and order a whole new color or do I (2) just order the extra ball from somewhere with a different dyelot and use it on the button band and collar, or (3) just keep going and hope that I have enough and then order the extra ball if I need it?

This was my last official purchase before the start of the Summer of Stash so I really don't want to return it and have to buy something else. It feels like cheating. (Wow! See how good I'm being. Resisting temptation and everything.)

I also allowed myself this purchase because I've done away with my Design Challenge #2 with the green yarn. More on that tomorrow.