Thursday, May 25, 2006

Progress: The Dress

Here it is

I have finished the skirt part of the "The Dress". Right now we're having a love-hate relationship. I want the dress but I'm not loving all the endless striping. There will be a lot of ends to weave in.

While working this I was trying to decide what do to with the waist part of the dress. Should I work with those "points" or do away with them. After considering short rows and the directions of the stripes, I have decided that I'm going to just make a standard sash. That means the sash will have to machine sewn on and then cut off the points.

Now I'm going to show you the mini-problem I discovered while trying it on today. (Take in mind that these pics are pre-block and the fit is a bit crazy looking)
When I made my calculations, I was sure that the skirt was wide enough for my hips such that it wouldn't be too tight. I tried it on as I originally intended to wear it and this is what I saw.

Technically, it is the right size. What I didn't count on was how the chevron would pull in the fabric despite it being the right width. It makes the fabric hug my hips more than I like.

But then I shifted it a bit and discovered this.

No pulling and a better drape at the hips. When the chevron decreases are on the side it is pulling the fabric towards the hips and makes it hug less. The only downside is that the "V" would have to point up instead of down to the floor.

The skirt is drying now and I plan to try it on again to see if the fit changes. Then I'll make the final decision about the direction of the skirt. What do you think? Point up or point down?