Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Creativity abounds

This weekend I :

made an apple pie. It's my first. I've been having memories of my G-ma making apple pies so I decided to try it. Yumm.

made two skirts

bought some beads to make necklaces (Can you see the theme?)

and joined the Summer of Stash.

Guilt has taken over and I can't do it anymore. Gluttony is definitely one of the seven deadly sins and I must do away with this. I must reduce the stash. I can't justify another purchase until I do. Okay maybe just one but I'll get to that tomorrow.

The Summer of Stash begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. (Those are two U.S. holidays for all of you international folk). During those days you take a pledge to not make any yarn purhcases. You are allowed 2 exceptions,so my exceptions are that I am allowed to buy new yarn only for pattern submission projects and if I need some to finish a project. With my stash I highly doubt that will be necessary.

Since this is a long post I'll save pictures of The Dress until tomorrow. I will give you a hint though. Points down!