Friday, June 02, 2006

Out of Denial

I had this post already written but I need to add this just because.

Yesterday was a really good day for me volunteering at the Girls Club. A few girls have come and gone from the knitting club but as the school year ends, there are the few girls that I know will keep going. In the beginning they struggled, especially with the purl stitch and some wanted to give up. With their second projects I gave them freedom. They could make a handbag/tote any size and in any stitch they wanted. Three girls finished last week. Another two finished this week. One girl joined the club this week. The other girls showed her how and she knit a big bag and is finishing her strap.

Then there is one little girl. Little and loud with energy to spare. She wants everything fast and hates it when I make her work extra rows to get things as they should be. We (read she) likes to bargain. If she knits 4 rows, I'll knit 2. She finished her bag last week and it was small because she was impatient. Yesterday in school she started a scarf. She had at least 3 inches when she got to the club. Then she decided it would be a belt and the art teacher found her a random buckle that was laying around. In two hours I encouraged her to focus and keep knitting and she finished her belt, buckle and all. She was so excited she ran out of the art room to show off and I couldn't even get a picture. In her words "This is the coolest thing I've ever made in my life". (She's 9. LOL!) This is the reason I volunteer. You don't get that type of reaction from a computer screen.

Out of Denial

Okay, so I had this green yarn. Red Heart cotton. Remember it..

We all know I have a bias against Red Heart but this was a yarn I thought I could really get behind. So I bought 4 skeins last year. I ran across it in stash and decided to get myself to use it by giving myself a design challenge. The problem is that the only idea that this yarn could inspire was sleeveless and I don't want to make a sleevless shirt. I couldn't come up with anything with sleeves. The yarn did not inspire. Then the more I looked at it, the less I was in love. Don't like the color. It's sportweight. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

The truth of the matter is I just don't want to use the yarn and probably never will. Nope! Just don't wanna.

So the question is....who wants it? Any takers? Taken.