Thursday, June 22, 2006

Playing catch up

I feel like it's been a while since I've really sat down and wrote a good entry. I'm in catch up mode with everything. I have a growing list of unread emails and by blogfeeds list is up to 104. If I haven't replied to your emails please be patient with me. I'll get to them today. I took a much needed day off yesterday for my birthday.

I celebrated the big 3.0. Gina also celebrated her birthday so if you haven't stopped by, it's not too late for belated birthday wishes.

Here I am with the dessert I recieved from the wonderful bartender, Stephon, at the Jibarra Tequila Lounge . My friends and I had a great time. I'm planning to go back for their Sunday brunch.

Earlier in the day I drove down to Charlotte. I went to Southpark Mall which is one of the nicest malls I've ever been too. Very upscale. I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Then I ventured to Gastonia to find Mary Jo's Cloth . I just did a little internet search for some fabric shops in the area. Based on the quality of the website I knew it had to be good. Then I went to the mall it is in. I'm going to describe this to you because I was too uncomfortable to try and take a picture. Imagine the first mall you've ever been to. I'm talking the first. The type that had a Woolworth's five and dime, and the only two anchor stores may have been Sears and Penneys. You know the one. It was old and desolete. I just knew I was in the wrong place. I almost left for fear that this shop couldn't be that great but I decided to find it anyway.

Ooooooooh Man, let me tell you! This is the grand mecca of all fabric stores. Outside of NYC, I've never seen anything like it. The place is old but it's huge and it's packed with fabrics, notions, etc.Terrific variety and great prices. I don't think I'll ever really shop at JoAnn/Hancocks again. Just 2.5 hours will get me to the best store in the land.

I had to limit myself because I didn't have a lot of projects in mind but here is what I got.

A fushia linen and some 100% cotton print for summer dresses. I've been looking for this texture of linen for a while.

I'm going to work on the summer dresses over the holiday weekend.

This weekend I'm planning to finish up some knits. I'm going to finish my friend's tank tonite @ SnB. Then I'm going to finish the Schmug. Then I can focus on finishing Cherry and the Urban Aran. The A/C is really getting ridiculous at work.

I'm sure I've left some things out but it's taken me like 2 hours to get this written. It's seems taking a day off from work may not have been the best thing.