Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's a celebration!

Although it isn't directly related to anything crafty, good things are happening here at Chez Saun. I've been doing a little dance around the house the past couple of days and here's why:

Do you see all those zeros! No more car payments! HAhahahahhahahahaha! I'm rich I tell you, rich! Paying off a car is one of the best feelings ever. Now I can really start saving money. And no, it will not be going towards more yarn. (Well, at least not until Summer of Stash is over.) I do, however, think I'm going to invest in a new dressform next month.

Now for a question?

Where can you buy good heavy cardstock by the sheet in colors? I tried going to AC Moore's scrapbooking section and Staples but the just had lightweight cardstock. I can't think of another place? I'm trying to make some "save the date" postcards for my best friends baby shower and I want to use light blue cardstock. Any ideas?